Thursday, January 30, 2014

[NNPremiereScreening] Robocop 2014

It was my first time bringing daddy out for a Première Screening.
It was his birthday yesterday. =)))))

I've watched the classic Robocop movies when I was really young, and I still prefer them till now.
This recent one has all them cool techs and gadgets, but the old movies in my opinion has better story lines.

Here's the old trailer for the 1987 Robocop

Cheesie, I know. LOL!
I laughed at "Your move, creep."

aaaaand what Raymond Sellars said, in 2014 they've decided to make him cooler.

like this.

It was an okay movie to me.
Not too bad, and not awesome either.

Daddy thought the same.

Anyways, thank you Nuffnang , Churpchurp and GSC for the tickets!!
Me and daddy had a blast!

I was being really awkward actually.
I had all my bags and I didn't know where to put them LOL.
Happy Birthday daddyfats!
Much much love from me. =)

bunnymama signing off

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