Monday, January 13, 2014

DiGi - Challenge for Change: the iGYMbunny

I used to wake up early ONLY for work.
Now sometimes, I wake up SUPER early for gym AND for work. 

Most of the time, I couldn't do it.
Waking up for work itself ALREADY is such a huge hassle.

I wish there was an app that could constantly motivate me. 
Okay, motivating only would so booooring. 
I wish there was an app that could motivate, wake me up, count my calories 
AND save gym progresses for me bahahahhaha! Then maybe I can call it:


Eh, simple is nice. Don't diss the name. =p

Digi is currently having something called Challenge for Change or #DiGiCFC and you might just win RM5000 if you submit your idea for an app!

Who would turn down RM5000 lmaoooo!
And I really need an app like iGYMbunny.

I also have to mention that the best 4 ideas for each app will be made available for download and review by the public. The most popular and feasible apps for the 4 ideas will win the challenge and DiGi will support these apps by promoting them to its customer base (6.8 million mobile internet subscribers included)

Other than the RM5000.
More than RM200,000 in cash and experiential prizes are up for grabs this year, including:
·RM5,000 and a smartphone for each of the top 4 idea finalists 
·RM25,000 for each winning app in the respective categories 
·RM25,000 for the best overall idea winner of the DiGi Innovation Award
·Telenor Group Award for the best developer / team
·A host of promotions and go-to-market support from DiGi. 

Headed over here right away and saw that there are only 4 simple steps to sign up:

Step One:
Connecting one of your accounts below to login.

Step Two:
Personal details.

Step Three:
Filling in app details

So I took a look at the category and of course iGYMbunny is under health and wellness!

*flips hair*
*drinks protein shake*

Okay I was joking, I would never touch that eww.

The few things I wanted iGYMbunny to have:
Alarm clock motivation
Gym progress
Calorie Counter

Alarm clock motivation would be kinda cool, you hafta admit. =)

Imagine waking up to different quotes like:

Or even less sarcastic ones like

As for my gym progress, maybe I can suggest it do things such as saving my details after using the Body Composition Analyzer thingy you see in the gym. I can also know what day it is. Like for instance today is leg day, and I can keep track of the 3 sets of squats I have to do.

I have my own Calorie Counter from myFitnessPal. But they sometimes do not have Malaysian food in there. =( 
So it would be a teeny bit of a hassle for me.
I tried looking for "Foo Chok Yi Mai" the other day and nothing came out.

Aaaaaand finally

Step Four:

Tadaaaaa. Easy right?
All I have to do now is to sit back with my fingers crossed.

You will also be notified thru email that your app idea has already gone Live on the site!

Anyways, I'm sure you guys have much better ideas. =)
Why not head over to right away and you might win those prizes!

bunnymama signing off


Wy Lyn Ee said...

too bad i don't use DiGi :(

Princess Bunny said...

DiGi's really wonky lately. =( I hope they fix it.

We miss you so much werhlerhn!