Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coffea Coffee,The Curve

Always a favourite hang out spot for us.
Because we love the peanut butter latte.

I have a STRONG dislike for peanut butter actually.
So I was a teeny bit hesitant at first to try it out.

Totally fell in love after a sip. =)
P.S: I prefer having the hot peanut butter latte. Brings out more of it's flavour in my opinion.

I tasted a teeny bit of the Nut brownie with ice-cream too.
It comes together as a set with the Brazil Chapadao (It's that black coffee over there. I cannot brain fancy names either. =p)
I can't comment on that because I'm not really a huge fan of chocolate-y stuff.
Call me crazy if you want heh.
Buttttt, it still tastes as nice of course.

Nothing can go wrong with ice-cream.

I know this is a super short update, but hey! Don't forget to:
Click here for Coffea Coffee's official site and their Facebook page here!

Bunnymama signing off

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