Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybunny!
*throws confetti*

Christmas this year meant alot because I can finally afford to get proper presents for those special to me. =)
And also I've finally realized what parents have to go through every year, hunting for that special gift for your other half/children.

It's not easy.

I didn't get a present for Sabby actually, poor thing. =(
Look at him going thru the presents, attempting to shred wrapping paper along the way.
Will have to hunt for treats for him this weekend to compensate for today.

How I feel about bread. Heh.

One of our pressies from our aunt.
Because she knows how much bread means to us.

Please meet my first ever secret santa, Rina (SantaRina. Geddit geddit!).
Look at her all dressed up with bunny ears just for me. *wipes tears*

A few days ago Nuffnang had a Christmas Party in the Orange Office, and I was really really excited about it. A few weeks before all of us had to write down our wishlist on the Christmas Wall (So that it'll be easier for our Secret Santas to hunt gifts for us.) and I wrote something like this:

Forever 21 Bunny sweater
Bunny Hay Bungalow/Grass Slipper (For Sabby)
Adult Oxbow Bunny food (For Sabby, duh)
Al Pacasso plushie
Extra 3 days annual leave. =p

My colleagues went wtf Christmas wall wishlists have to be for humans not bunnies! LOL! But anyways, I didn't know who my secret santa was, and I was quite excited to see her/him. When the day came and Rina told everyone that I was her Secret Santee, I couldn't get up. No it wasn't because I was overly excited. 

It was because I had cramps in my dumb legs. *groans*

And I was like uhmmmm, Rina. I couldn't get up. And Rina was super concerned I was sick or something FML. Rina gave me a super cute Usazukin Christmas plushie (Darren named it Xiao Bai wtf), 3 "leaves" (Punny. It totally got me. She even stapled it on the application form with my name and designation.) and super cute Jelly Bunny flip flops. She even apologized that she couldn't buy my sweater and the stuff for Sabby. Which embarrassed me more because she's so nice.

Just in case you were wondering, I was Secret Santa for Farah. And I felt super bad for not being able to get her her Sephora make-up kit. T_____________T Promise I'll get it for you next year if you're still my Secret Santee! =)

I am really really happy this year because I am blessed to have such nice people around me. =')
Annnnnd before the day ends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

bunnymama signing off

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