Monday, November 25, 2013

What's in a Weekend 04: Jonker Street, Malacca

Bye Sebastian, I'm off to Malacca!
Sabby: Wassat??!

Malacca, aww yisssss.
Food, tourists, lots of walking, sweating, more food and weight gaining.
All in a day.

We only hung around Jonker Street because it was only a one day trip.
Soooo, no time for anything else!

Where: Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball.
Why here: Because we were super hungry and had no time to wait for the super long queue at that other place. Plus, I didn't think it was THAT crappy. =) Other than having a rather overcooked steamed chicken, I still kinda enjoyed it. Hopefully I can try their Chicken Rice Balls at that other place the next time I'm around.

Chicken Rice Balls that cost only RM0.30 each

Where: Mamee Jonker House
Yeah, you heard right. There's a whole Mamee museum thingy going on here. And the manager told us that it was only built 3 months ago, that's why it looks super new. We can even smell fresh paint here.

You can find food, t-shirts, cups, junk food, goodie bags and everything Mamee right here!
They even have this cute little Mamee workshop for kids where they teach them how to make their own noodles and stuff. It's really cute!

Where: Jonker 88
After much walking around and sweating, Cookie and his colleagues decided to cool down and have Cendol. I personally am not such a big fan of Cendol, so I couldn't really understand what was with all the lining up for this. =/ It tastes the same to me tbh.

But I really do enjoy sitting down and looking around at the antics in all the shoplots. =)

Out of all these, I only can recognize a fan and a red vase. I have absolutely no idea what the rest of the stuffs are. Lol.

Baba Cendol

Sagu Gula Melaka

Where: Random shops in Jonker Street

So over. Just because he bought Toto when he was in Malacca.
And in case you're wondering, nope we didn't hit the jackpot. =(

I couldn't stand all that sweating after the few hours of being thereso I randomly bought and changed into a new T-shirt LOL!
I regret not listening to Cookie's advice earlier: You're gonna wear that? You look like you're going to a mall instead. =/
Oh well, I love my new coffee themed top anyways. =p

Note: I can change my top, but I cannot wash my hair. *wails*

Where: Nadeje Plaza Mahkota
After all the nonsense we have in our tummy, we still will NEVER say no to cake. =) I've had tons of mille crepe and so far I still find the original Nadeje the best. I know they have a branch in PJ, and I visit there often too. But nothing beats the one they have here in Malacca. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Nadeje started off with the mille cake craze a few years back.

Flavours: Gula Malacca, Chocolate Banana and Original

Choco Banana Mille Crepe.

You can have a look at their official website here and their Facebook page here .

Where: Random back alley in Jalan Bunga Raya @ Tong Bee
Apparently they're quite famous for their shellfish/cockles/lala here for over 40 years. That's why we drove all the way here to try this. The last time I ate in an alleyway near a drain was the time I visited Vietnam. =/ And I wasn't pleased.

But oh well, this is only once in awhile. So no harm done eh? =)

RM2 for a plate of Lala. Steal!

Where: Restoran Sin Yin Hoe, Lorong Hang Jebat
After lala, we were off searching for Oyster Omelette or what we call "oh-chien". I feel obese at this time now FML. One thing I like about this place is that I can FINALLY taste a not so oily "oh-chien". I was wondering why and found out that the Aunty actually use lard instead of oil!

This is a gooey kind of "oh-chien" tho, not the crispy type. But it still tastes as awesome. =)

After walking here and there and getting ourselves fat, we finally decided to head home around 8?
Poor Cookie was so tired I had to drive us back home.

Still, we had an awesome time together.

Superhero Art Gallery blogpost coming soon I hope?

lucymama signing off

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