Sunday, November 17, 2013

What's in a Weekend 03: Red Carpet Wax Museum, iCity

Finally decided to visit the Wax Museum.
Cookie and I have planned this for eons but still couldn't make it because we didn''t really have time for each other. =( 

But hooray!
We did last weekend!

I'm gonna bombard you with tons of pictures, soooo here goes: 

Look at how real the faces are erhmerhgerd!

Intelligence +7

Casually being best friends with the Queen and the Pope.
Her Royal Highness fun fact: The Queen is the only person in Britain who can drive without a license or number plate on her state car.

Audrey being pretty as usual. =)

At war with Cookie and Rambo.
Note: I can only pose with the grenade/warhead part of some rocket launcher. Don't judge.
Nobody in their right mind would hold it like that. Heh.

Extra Note: I like this picture. Alot. =)
Extra Extra Note: Pardon the crappy quality. I took this picture from their monitor. I refused to pay for it. =p

Me: Oooohh oooohh, I want to take your picture with him! Sit there!
Cookie: Why are you excited?
Me: Because he's short.
*awkward silence*
Cookie: You're mean.

Picking a fight with Captain Jack.
Note: I have ZERO acting skills.

I was doing the "You can't see me" and Cookie didn't understand.

Trying to flirt with Jang-Geum. Tsk tsk.

Hanging out with Messi.
Note: Kitty says Messi does not wear Nike soccer shoes. =p

Slamdunk-ing while Kobe and Michael look on with such enthusiasm.

They have altogether 100 wax figurines! but I couldn't be spamming all my pictures here. =p
Also, they're having a year end promotion now actually, so it costs only RM35
Original entry fee costs around RM80 for myKAD owners only.

So #waitwhat head over NOW before it's too late!

Extra helpful ways to get there here .

For GPS/Waze users:
D-1-G, Jalan Multimedia 7/AJ
Citypark, I-City
4000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

P.S: Trick Art blogpost coming soon! I hope?
bunnymama signing off

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