Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's in a Weekend 03 (cont): Trick Art Museum, iCity

A continuation of the previous post here .

The entrance fee for the Trick Art Museum costs only RM10!
There are altogether 5 themes in the museum, Masterpieces, Egyptian, Sea Life, Animal Kingdom and Modern Classic.

All 3D arts look different from different angles because trick art renders two dimensional paintings in three dimensions by creating illusion.

Let's now proceed to look at some of the dumb things we did:

Are those Melissa SHOES???!

127 Hours.

Wrestling a RM100 note from a giant octopus. Cause we earned it.

Damsel in distress. *flips hair*

The Trick Art Museum is also at the same place as the Red Carpet Wax Museum .

Note: Advisable to go with a friend because you can't cam-whore your way through this. =p
Wax Museum maybe. Heh

bunnymama signing off

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