Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's in a weekend 02

I like Night Markets on Sundays.
I like the Sungai Buloh famous Hot Plate Pancake (双溪毛糯新生隆铁板包) even more.

Cookie's not really a fan of this tho.

The ''pancake'' comes in different flavors:
Redbean, Coconut, Peanut, Chicken Floss and Green bean.

Bunny's favorite flavour: Chicken Floss

They used to sell this for only RM1. =(

Random bunny entry:

Didn't have a pleasant weekend this week.
Had a reminder that the world is not as nice as it used to be.
And that there're lots of strangers out there that'll deceive you.

I'm glad I have Cookie.
Because I almost cried today.
And was very crossed at myself.

Never again will I be so naive.
I promise.

bunnymama signing off

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