Thursday, November 28, 2013

Talent Corp Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF) by UiTM, 2013


People call it a commencement for a reason. After that few years of slogging through college, staying up late for mid-terms/assignments/finals and then after that long term dedication to learning, it just stops. The end of your college/uni years.

And then you'll be out there contributing to the workforce. If you're lucky you'll land a job you'll love and have tons of fun, if you're not; then prepare yourselves for endless days of waking up in the morning thinking about getting an MC, spending the whole day in bed and then calling it a day.

I've been hearing alot about the Sector Focused Career Fair (SFCF) last weekend from Panda. She's been asking me about career advises lately and I can't really explain about careers thaaaaat well to her, seeing as I'm also quite new to the working world too. Then she told me about this fair that was hosted in UiTM, Shah Alam.

Apparently the main objective for SFCF is to educate the public (especially students) on the choices of available career paths in the 11 (National Key Economic Areas or NKEAs) sectors: Oil & Gas, Electronics & Electrical, IT, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, FMCG & Education.

I didn't have this when I was looking for a job. =(

It was a two day event which included Career Talks and Couch Corner Slot. Where both visitors and students can inquire  information from outstanding industry leaders regarding the career paths available. This, I find really really helpful because now freshies can learn more about a particular job scope first, without blindly diving head on into whatever it is that is being offered to them.

Booths fit for more than 40 companies.

Look at the amount of people!

If you've missed out on last week's SFCF, no worries! I've heard that there'll be another Engineering Sector Focused Career Fair on the 4th and 5th of December in Universiti, Teknologi Malaysia, Johor!

Binky over here for more deets about the upcoming SCFC and here for more deets about TalentCorp!
So remember to have your fingers crossed and your CVs ready!

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