Monday, November 11, 2013

[London Weight Management]Be wary of 'free' slimming trials.

Whut?! Slimming trials for free?
Yeap, all it takes for someone like me to sign up for stuff through the internet is the word 'free'.

Now, before I proceed:

Disclaimer: My blog is personal and all articles and opinions within here are expressed by my own highly dysfunctional mind. Sooooooo, if I were to accidentally defame/humiliate/injure anyone as a result of reading any/all information found here in this article (or even my site), it is entirely unintentional of me to do so.

So anyways, I signed up for a free trail at London Weight Management. And before most of you start rolling your eyes/scream at me, I wasn't REALLY going for a serious slimming session. Like I said, it was (supposed to be) free. I was super curious about the treatments they provide to customers, plus I NEVER believed in slimming down after only ONE (trail) session. So don't worry. =)

They contacted me thru the phone a few hours after I've signed up. And after providing them with my height and weight, they told me I was "yi dian dian" overweight. (Cookie said this was normal, they'll still say you're "yi dian dian" overweight even if you're 39kg or even if you're Fay Hokulani.) So yeah, I still made an appointment.

I went in LWM and the employees there were all smiles, not to mention pretty (pretty sly. *coughs*). So I was led into a consultation room. Where they told me the usual stuff:

- I'm not overweight, just flabby. (Thanks)
- Girls are like that, if you won't take care of yourself who else will? (Ok fine, true)
- If you don't do something about it, it'll get worse when you're older. (True)

Then in comes the hard sell:

- You've only JUST started working? Hmm, I'm not implying that you're not financially stable. (Then what are you trying to imply?) Do you have your parents with you? Or your boyfriend?

They drag the people you're close with in. So that they can suggest 'borrowing' money from them.

- When I told them I don't depend on my boyfriend/parents for money.

They said: Why don't you sign up for a RM600 package which we're offering ONLY to you now. You pay a teeny bit of the deposit first, and when let's say you get a richer boyfriend in the future, he can afford to pay the rest for you.

They suggested me to look for a richer boyfriend wtf?! While smiling. The nerve.

- They asked about how I handle my financial transactions. Saying that they're ONLY gonna test things out, so they NEED to TEST my card.

What happened here and now would be the MOST UNINTELLIGENT moment of my entire life. I gave them my card. (Thank god I have less than RM40 in that card. So FTL.) They pressured me so hard, I became retarded for that few minutes. Seriously. (I almost felt like crying. Traits of a weak and stupid person.)

This whole hard-selling technique thingy lasted for more than an hour.
That's less than 2 hours left for you for the 'free' trial.

Note to girls out there: If you can't say no, and you're as fragile/naive/dumb as me. Please do not go here. They will murder you.

Anyways, I DID NOT sign that RM30 receipt. And I was feeling really smug about it. Thinking that I've outsmarted them.

But, the story does not end here ladies and gentlemen.

I went in for a trial package. As promised.
And still, the employees were all smiles. (Because they know that in the end I still will end up paying that shitty sum of money. *hiss*)

Treatment process:

- Taking measurements.
- Aroma Steam Bath
- Some Sea Salt Scrub thingy
- Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Note: You'll have to be naked throughout the process. So yeah, I felt really awkward.
Extra Note: My attendant N, was really pleasant throughout the whole process and has the sweetest face! Compared to J, the hard-seller.

After I cleaned and showered, I was led into the consultation room again.

I saw the RM30 unsigned receipt.
I felt funny.
I just wanted to go home.

I saw N was in there, so I kinda relaxed a bit. But nope, her face changed. =( She wasn't smiling, and her face was scrunched up. (Did I use this correctly?) In came another ugly lady that was worse than J. And that ugly lady (let's call her B) was talking so fast I couldn't understand a thing.

She was trying to confuse me by talking like some market lady (no offense) with things like:

- I can't understand what's the point of entering a slimming centre, without signing up for a package. Do you not want to slim down? (This is not confusing, this is annoying. No I do not want to slim down, even if I do I'd much rather spend money on a gym membership. I was only here because it was free thanks. Be polite.)

- The RM30 you'll be paying now will not be for the RM600 package. We're just putting your name down just in case you're interested in the package. And if let's say you do, you can pay the rest of the RM570 back. (Wtf does this even make sense?)

And after I refused so many blardy times.

- Why don't you sign this? It's getting tiring for both me and you!? We don't actually need your RM30, we just need to put your name down! (Wtf I don't even. Then it would be pointless for me to sign off my RM30 right?)

She was raising her voice already at this point. And I got really upset. (Again, traits of a weak and stupid person.) I wanted this all to end, so I signed that shitty piece of receipt. After double triple quadruple confirming that I won't need to pay for that stupid RM600 package that I don't need.

And on B's way out, I can hear J asking her. "Did it take long for her to sign? No? Good."

Cookie and Kitty were already outside waiting for me.
And they were confused at my expression.

This is some random travel serum thingy they gave me. After all the horrible swindling talk they had me listen to.

I felt so angry and sad at the same time. And promised to myself to never again be so stupid.

Some might say I deserve this, for being silly. And yeah, I learnt my lesson thanks.
So I hope you girls can avoid this too, and have the guts to say no.
Either that or have a friend come along with you.

On a side note, I'm not implying that their treatments do not work. I'm just expressing myself through my own personal experience, for ONLY a free (yeah, right) trial.

bunnymama signing off


JoL3N3 said...

ohhemmgee i saw this *free* ads too and i nearly went to sign up for it. thank God i didnt =/

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for relating this, so that other people will not be conned, and/or that LSM can revamp themselves.

These kind of bullying should be criminal.

yh said...

There is no free meal in this world =)

Sean Lee said...

Alrightttt go Yun Nam!