Thursday, October 31, 2013

[NNPremiereScreening] Thor: The Dark World

Went pak-THOR with Cookie yesterday.
See what I did there? Heh.

Anyways, Cookie was kinda happy that I got premiere tickets for this show.
All thanks to Michelle, Nuffnang and ChurpChurp. =p

Pic source: IMDB

Thor 2 has basically your average must-choose-to-save-the-world-or-save-the-love-of-your-life storyline.
And still, awesome as always.

Another reason why I'm happy about the movie is also because Jane Foster FINALLY has the chance to meet Thor. After waiting for about two freaking years. =/

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And I'm glad that during that two years Thor did not have feelings towards goddess Sif.
Else I would be so mad.

Gif source: Superherohype

And here I am complaining to my friends about how less time I spend with Cookie in a week.

Also I'm starting to appreciate Loki's character in the movie too.

Dat I-can-make-girls-laugh-and-also-would-like-to-be-king ability.

A reminder to stay back after the credits! =)
Teeny tiny clip after the ending that might explain the next Thor movie (or not) maybe?

Check out more stuff about Thor: The Dark World here !

And don't forget to watch the trailer!

Till then.

bunnymama signing off

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