Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Esquire Kitchen

Happy Monthsary to Bunny and Cookie!
*throws confetti*

Decided to head over to Esquire Kitchen for dinner. Yums!
Note: Do you realize that  85% 90% of the Esquire staffs are old? I wonder why?

And the only 3 main/side dishes we'll order when we're here are:

宫保鸡丁 aka Kung Pao Chicken
Reason 1 - Chicken. Who in the world dislikes boneless chicken.
Reason 2 - Cashew nuts, dried chilies and some special sweet dark sauce.
Reason 3: Goes well with both rice and their Flower buns.

Yeap, forget about dieting. *groans*

and  of course

Stir Fried Sze Chuan Eggplants
Reason 1 - Eggplants are yummy (Deep-fried until tender, hence it's not too hard nor too soft)
Reason 2 - It has minced pork
Reason 3 - Dat SAUCE

I never in my life liked eggplants.
Till now. =D

And not forgetting their fluffy white mantao/buns!

And they're also currently having this awesome Single Set promotion nao.
Forever alone ftw!

You can check out their list of outlets here!
And their Facebook page here for more info about promos and stuff! 

bunnymama signing off

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