Friday, April 19, 2013

Flower Questions

Aloe: What is something that would instantly make you cry at the sight/mention of it?
A: Animals who are in pain, abused. 

Amaranth: If the chance to be immortal is handed to you, would you take it?
A: If my other half can be immortal too then yes. I don't mind. If not, nope.

Amaryllis: What incident from the past makes you still beam proudly today?

A: I erm. I have no idea. =/

Rubus: What is one trait of others that you envy?

A: Nah. I don't envy traits. I envy slim bodies. 

Chrysanthemum: What is one lie that later got you in trouble?

A: Next.

Canterbury bells : Who is someone you are thankful for having in your life?

A: Family. 

Crocus: Describe a happy memory from your childhood.
A: Too many to list. =) One of them is playing with granddaddy's dogs.

Currant : Describe the person you don't ever want to see sad.
A: Daddy

Dittany: Are you afraid of child labor?

A: Uhh, yes?

Freesia: Whose your longest friend?
A: Shirley. =) She's my friend AND cousin. 

Geranium: What is something that you did stupid in the past?

A: Good lord. This is not something, this is ALL the things. LMAO.

Hibiscus: Do you value your looks?

A: I AM vain. I think so?

Hollyhock: What is your dream?

A: For now, graduate.

Lavender: What is one thing that immediately loses your trust?

A: Cheating. Hurting the people around me.

Lilac: Describe your first love.

A: Cute. Had my first kiss too. =) 

Peony: What pisses you off?
A: Talking back/being rude 

Tuberose : What's one of your guilty pleasures?

A: Hugs and kisses.

Yarrow: What is one thing you do to get over someone?

A: Hanging out with friends I guess?

Statice: What is something about you that will never change?
A: Personality. =) What I am.

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