Friday, March 1, 2013

Of heart-to-heart chatters.

Had girl time with Felicia until 3am this morning. =) It was really really nice. We talked about shitloads of stuff, mostly about what we're coping with recently. And also, our future.

Obviously we talked about Lun. That prick must be sneezing so much in Singapore! LMAO! And if you're reading this by any chance, I just want to let you know that you're still an 'ah beng' AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!! I also found out about the "I have to work in Singapore so that I can earn tons of money for Denise to spend. Because she spends alot, and it's very hard to take care of her" thing you said a few years back. =) I just want to thank you so so much for spoiling taking care of me for the past 2 years, and putting up with all my random nonsense. And yes, I'm really serious about me being really spoilt. =/ My future boyfriend hates you for this.

And then we talked about Mr. Rabbit aka 'the guy I was tweeting/Instagram-ing so much about'. I wasn't desperate for a relationship actually. I told her, the more you go looking for something the harder it'll be for you to find it. Because true enough, I've found stumbled across that someone by accident. We don't belong to each other YET because I wanted to let time take its course. I'm trained to be skeptical with things like these, because I want to avoid another heartache. Plus, I have the strange feeling that it wasn't time yet and something is wrong. I cannot put my finger on what, but something's still missing.

But all I can say is, he makes me feel like a princess. Every single day.

March started really awesome for me. I hope it does for you guys too.

 Princess signing off

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