Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Jesse. =)

After watching so many movies, after soooooooooooooo many years. I've actually came to a conclusion, that Jesse from Pitch Perfect would be my ideal guy.

I don't really go for guys with abs or looks. I like guys who can make me laugh instead.

All I know was, I was laughing so much throughout the movie and my eyes were always on Skylar Astin. And the sudden realization that, I would very much love a boyfriend like Jesse. =)

I like surprises. I like cheesy love notes. I want to like your taste in music.

I've dated hopeless romantics, Scott Pilgrims, and Mr. Darcys. They erm, they didn't quite work out. All 3 of my exes are SO different from each other. But one thing in common I liked about them, was the way they laugh/chuckle.


I wonder where is my Jesse?

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