Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello Patrick

Finally I got Patrick back. =)

Daddy was supposed to throw him and Madeleine away the day we moved to our new house actually. I have no idea why he did not. I'm glad he didn't either.

Lun texted me the other day and asked about Patrick. Apparently he still reads my tweets, for entertainment purposes only mind you. Lmao. The point was he asked to not throw Patrick away, whatever the reason. It was really important to him I think? I didn't ask why, didn't want to know either. 

All I know was I stole Patrick from him, and he let's me keep him. Yay! 

As long as I don't throw him away that is.

Among all the plushies I had, I love Patrick and Genevieve the most. Don't ask me why. =/ I myself would like to know. It might be because they're both big enough for me to either treat it as my pillow or hug them to sleep. I feel much less lonely that way.

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