Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear Bambi AND Lucy,

Hai there sweetie. =) It has been a year since you've left me, I wonder how are you now?

Bambi's only been with me for 2 weeks I think? I was new to bunny care back then. I got Bambi at the UTAR carnival. I have no idea why, out of randomness was I attracted to this particular bunny sitting in the food bowl while the rest of the bunnies are jumping around the cage looking and hoping to find their owners. =)

Few minutes later I was debating with Melvin and Calvin about whether I should get him. It was super funny because we had to flip a coin to decide. And after calculating and thinking about the amount of Maggi's and Tosais' I should be having for the next couple of weeks, I decided to buy Bambi. And all his stuff with him.

When he first came into my room he was pooping and peeing EVERYWHERE. =\ But oh well, you cannot expect baby bunnies to be already disciplined and well trained. Bambi likes to sit in his water bowl, causing my constant wondering as to why is this comfortable? Ugh. He likes to stick his nose through the cage too because he likes me petting him on the head. Bambi's just too cute to ignore!!

After having Bambi, I cannot wait to return home every single day. Emi's right, knowing that something or someone or somebunny will be at home waiting for your return is a very wonderful feeling. Bambi practically sees me as his mother, considering I'm the one feeding and taking care of him everyday. =)

This didn't last long though. =(

Annie (I call her the bunny whisperer) actually warned me before about the dangers of having overly young baby bunnies, but I tried to be positive. Making sure that Bambi is alright so that nothing bad will ever happen to him.

The morning before Bambi passed away, he was being utterly quiet. I didn't expect anything to happen at first, I was even laughing and carrying him around the common area, showing him around and petting his head. Night came, and I opened the door to find Bambi lying on his side in his cage. He was having such a hard time breathing, so I called Calvin and Annie right away. I tried holding back my tears, but the instant Bambi squeaked I was already bawling my eyes out. I didn't need to be an expert to know it hurts so so bad. =( Bunnies don't normally make sounds, and squeaking normally means that it is in HUGE amount of pain.

My heart broke into two.

Squeaking was the last thing Bambi did.

Before Annie came I was constantly blaming myself, what did I do wrong? Death was a sensitive issue to me too because mother passed away a few months back. So I was extra devastated.

Annie, Dean and Torto arrived shortly after. I was still crying. Annie told me it wasn't my fault, and that Bambi was really too young to not be at his mother's side. Baby bunnies like him needs milk instead of pellets.

What I didn't expect was that she brought another bunny with her. And was willing to let me take care of it.

Imagine my surprise when she pulled a huge black ball of fluff out from her bag, and asked: "I know Bambi just passed away. But do you have another room in your heart for another bunny?"

I was in such a huge dilemma.

Part of me knows, I'd be constantly comparing her to Bambi. But another part of me wants her because I do not like going home to an empty room. In the end, I told Annie I'd take care of her. Thus the black ball of fluff changed name from Berry to Lucyfur.

Yes, Lucyfur.

Don't ask why. Normally I name names that just appear out of nowhere. And Lucy fits so much better than Oreo. (Lucy has white belly fur.)

The first three months with Lucy was HORRIBLE.

She dislikes being held, she has an attitude and she likes hiding in corners as far away from me as possible. Making it so hard for me to comb her fur. (Lucy's a Jersey Wooly. Hence the reason why she's SUPER fluffy, and is in dire need for constant grooming.) I hated Lucy, and Lucy hated me as well. She cannot be in her cage at all because she keeps rattling the doors and waking me up at 3am in the morning. This explains why she's roaming about my room all the time now. Lucy's too used to not being in her cage. But she still needs it because that's where she poops and pees, she's a lady like that.

At one point I looked at Lucy, with tears in my eyes and said: "You know I'll return you back to Annie if you continue being like this. I really really don't want to, but you decide for yourself." Lucy stopped munching her hay and stared at me.

After a few months of being with her, and constantly telling myself that pets need time to adapt to their surroundings and new owners. Lucy finally trusted me, and wasn't THAT cold towards me anymore. But till this day she hates being carried tho. *laughs*

I remembered one morning, I woke up and saw something fluffy and black sleeping beside my pillow.

Actually she was having her naps there because the stand fan was facing in my direction, so I won't get hot and sweaty during the night. Thus making my side of the bed very cooling. Lucy likes air-conditioning too by the way. Imagine how ecstatic I got when I saw her near me. AND she allowed me to pet her.

It was then I realized, how patient you need to be with pets.

Then it was almost everyday I was waking up to the constant nonsense Lucy was giving me. She nibbles on my forehead, nose AND fringe (I have no idea why, who the fuck nibbles on foreheads??!), she jumps ON ME when my back is facing towards her, sniffs my face and does binkies ON MY BED at 8am in the morning. And these nonsense would only STOP, when I pet or feed her. *facepalms* Really Lucy I don't think bunnies are supposed to behave this way. =/

Lucy travels with me too.

I bring her to and fro from KL to Kampar, so she's been on buses and ETSs. Imagine daddy's annoyed face when I brought Lucy home for the first time. LMAO. He was all: "What is this nonsense?" and "Are rabbits supposed to be black?". He got even more crossed when Lucy was taking naps on the couch. Apparently after awhile the pets-are-not-allowed-on-the-couch rule was revoked because Lucy was always watching TV with us.

I am really glad I have both Bambi and Lucy in my life.
Happy Anniversary to both of you! *wipes tears*

Anyways, this is Bambi. He likes walking around my laptop when I'm Tumblr-ing.

And this, is a gangster-looking ball of black fluff before I shaved off most of her fur.

She looks prim and proper now.
And is an avid photobomb-er.

I have NUMEROUS amounts of proof of a photobomb-ing bunny in Instagram. =P
If you're interested do follow me.

P.S: Lucy was bunny flopping and sleeping beside me all the while I was blogging. She might know I'm blogging about her! 

Bambi and Lucy mama signing off. 


Eagle Chou said...

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Alixxr said...

Hey,I just read your story of Bambi and Lucy. I guess overall, I'm actually pretty neutral about bunnies, or rather, I don't really care much about it.

But I read it all.
And you're actually a pretty good storyteller. I really enjoyed the read.

Sorry for your loss with Bambi, but it's nice to know you got Lucy. Despite the difficulty in adjusting. Lucyfur is by far the best pet name I've ever heard.

You also have really great friends for doing that for you.