Monday, February 18, 2013

What I want and what I need.

What I want and what I need? Hmm.

I dreamt Felicia and Emi had brand new Coach bags. I am totally clueless to why I actually had this dream, because it is utter nonsense. =/ All I know is, I woke up with the strong urge of hopping into my car and driving off to the nearest Charles & Keith to get myself a bag. *facepalms* And I don't really spend much on bags mind you.

This is what I want. Other than also craving for Starbucks. 

Here I am sitting and blogging on a Monday morning, listening to kpop with Lucy staring at my laptop screen with me. What's missing you ask? A fucking Starbucks. (・へ・)

Oh well, I guess I'll be waiting for Panda to get home then.

 Princess signing off.

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