Saturday, February 16, 2013

Of pink princesses and unicorns.

Okay. The title was totally random. This post has absolutely nothing to do with princesses and unicorns.

Hello there. I'm back with my first post for 2013. In February. God knows how long I've stopped blogging. =\

ONLY blogging tho mind you. You should've seen how much I'm spamming my Instagram and Twitter.

Things have changed, and for the better of course! I'm still retarded as usual, don't worry. =)

All I need to do now is focus on graduating and voila, I'm all set for looking for a job. Where, I still have no idea yet. I believe God has plans for me. =)

Anyways, it's not too late for me to wish my readers a Happy Chinese New Year! And hopefully my blog stays very much alive for the year! *winks*

P.S: Blogging first time through mobile. Hence the short post.

P.P.S: A picture of yours truly.

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Calvin Nanthan said...

Yay another blog to read! :D