Thursday, March 22, 2012


Got myself a rabbit on the 14th of March.
That's White Valentine's Day.

So I felt that I deserve something for myself.
Given the shitty week I had.

Let me introduce you Bambi.
The super "hao lian" male rabbit.

He loves photobomb-ing me when I'm camwhoring by myself.
Hops right in the middle of the picture he does.

Bambi kisses!

He loves sitting on my table too actually.

Bambi's favorite past time includes:

Jumping on beds.
Munching on hay.
Nibbling on my dresses and bags.
Not forgetting cables and wires.
And sitting in his water bowl.

*pulls hair*

 This is Bambi taking a nap.
Did you know bunnies don't close their eyes when they fall asleep?


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