Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Kitty!

The brother is already 14 now.
See how time flies?

Went to Tony Romas right after church that Sunday.
But I really felt bad for him.
Dad was having one of his mood swings again.
So the whole day was kind of ruined.

But I did promise him a proper celebration together with Panda's the next time I got back.

Kickin' Shrimp, Vanilla Milkshake and Shirley Temple, Filet Medallions and Shrimp & Salmon Piccata

And later that night S and her family came over to help celebrate Kitty's birthday.
You know it might not be my birthday.
But I was really touched when I saw them came over,
just to celebrate Kitty's birthday.

Hate to admit it but it felt nice seeing a close family member taking the effort of coming over.

P.S: I bought myself a huge ass Pink Macaroon from Delectable!

P.P.S: Will be flying off to Singapore soon.
P.P.P.S: Sorry Panda.

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