Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Year of the Dragon ^.=.^

Happy Chinese New Year!
This is the time where people go around visiting friends and relatives and get red packets or what you call "angpao-s" in return.

We are not supposed to visit the relatives on the mother's side on the first day of Chinese New Year, so we went along with daddy to Seremban.
Plus we visited mummy along the way.

Second day came and it was in total havoc.
The relatives from Malacca came down for a visit and I can say that the house is SUPER noisy!
I LOVE these crazy bunch of people.
Too bad Pei, Michi and Lil J's side of the family weren't here.

Eileen here is the craziest of them all.

♥ And this is her 2nd daughter Avril. 

I miss pohpoh's cooking so much.

Bunny and S.

I despise the sucky photo-taking quality of a Blackberry.=/

And these are the doggies I've met during the few days of Chinese New Year!
From left : Tubby, Fin and Chippy.

P.S: Not forgetting to wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year. =3

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