Saturday, January 7, 2012

Shirley's Belated Birthday Outing.

Another day, another outing. And this time Michi was missing again. =(
The three of us really miss you you know.

Went out to celebrate Shirley's SUPER BELATED birthday.
I'm so sorry we're a month late, I was having tons of finals and Christmas and Singapore came right after.

So I was travelling non-stop last year. =)

S turned 21 btw.
And after a few days of turning 21 me and her turned 22 because its already 2012.

Pei screamed at us to shut up about it.
*whispers : She's a year older than us*

After the Karaoke session ended,
S wanted to have pictures taken with the United Buddy Bears in Pavillion.

This is only a small portion of what we took. If I were to put everything here it'll turn into an album instead of a blogpost. =/

After the day ended, all three of us were so exhausted we couldn't even eat the tiny cake we bought for S.
But obviously we still had fun.
I hadn't been this crazy and loud since forever!!!!

P.S: Thank you Pei for fetching us back!

P.P.S: The picture above indicates Pei's inability to squeeze in between two of the vainest girls in the Chen family. Please don't "emo" when you see this. Ahahahahhaha!

P.P.P.S: Amanda took a look at this picture and went : Aiyooooh!

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