Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kak Jaja's Wedding!

First and foremost, congratulations to Kak Jaja and her husband. =)
Both of you look absolutely gorgeous together.
And obviously not forgetting little Fahim.

I don't have most of the pictures yet.
The pictures I do have now are only the ones I got from daddy, myself and Kak Norly.

But I couldn't wait to blog about it so.
Here goes:

Woke up in the morning (not feeling like P.Diddy) and got dressed and left for Puchong.
What I'm wearing is not actually a "Baju Melayu" or even a "Kebaya".
It's actually mummy's áo dài she got from Vietnam.

The reason I wore it is because the bottom part of it is actually turqoise.
And I had nothing to wear to the wedding.
Plus mummy never got her chance to wear it so,
I'm kind of, in a way representing her to attend the wedding.

Daddy, Me, Norly and Panda being silly.

And I absolutely ADORE their wedding cake. <3
Purple, turqoise and white icing.
And two different layers of cake.
I was already licking my fingers before it was even finished.

Also the gorgeous macaroons given as wedding gifts from the groom to the bride.
So romantic.

The siblings, bride and groom, Norly and Sofia.
Too bad daddy wasn't in it. 

P.S: Look at the cute carriage-like presents they gave away to guests!
P.P.S: I don't look at all like myself in this picture. I wonder why?

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!

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