Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear someone important to me,

I know I have been throwing tantrums and crying for the whole week. But my heart aches to see you go. No, this doesn't mean I'm stopping you. I know how men are with their career, and I know how important it is to you. =)

You're leaving in another few hours. I know you might feel that I'm stupid for being depressed and all. But I just can't help it. I'm a girl and you know how I am. Bear with me for awhile and maybe in due time I might get used to you not being here anymore. Even though it still pains me.

I know you aren't the mushy romantic guy. And your ego is UNEXPLAINABLE. But nobody's perfect, including me. The things we have been putting up with each other are godlike. But that's what makes us need each other, our imperfections.

I remember what you said to me while we were on the phone, I apologized for my silliness. And you replied : Nobody's that stupid to make themselves depressed on purpose. So it's okay.

Sometimes, its the small things that you say that makes me happy. A girl always remembers. =) To you it might be just another random thought, but it means the world if you would share more of them with me.

I really will miss you when you're not around. You might deny it over phone calls and texts, I still feel that you think me stupid for being depressed with all these nonsense. *pouts*

P.S: Madeleine misses you too. ='(

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