Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My voyage to Penang.

After the final paper, which is E-Commerce. (God please let me get a B for this paper thank you.) The boyfie and I departed to Penang the next day. After cleaning up the house of course. Since he won’t be here anymore. =’(

I have to say I went to this uber cute place at Straits Quay while I was still in Penang, called the Charlie Brown Cafe. Thanks to a friend MeowHui. I saw her checked in in foursquare and it totally grabbed my attention. And I immediately pestered the boyfie to bring me over. =D

It was entirely Charlie Brown/Snoopy themed and it was really quite a popular place for "yum cha" sessions.

And here are some of the things I did when I was at Penang.

Watched Thor in 3D.


Visited a beach after a slight drizzling rain.

Had a go with the iPad 2. <3

Had super awesome desserts at 糖伯府.

And the Laksa which can be found along Raja Uda.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in Penang for long. Mummy wants me to come home fast because I need to take care of both her and the house.

I was devastated because I couldn’t spend more time with the boyfie. But family still comes first. And plus, I need to finish up my FYP. I feel terrible to my group mates.

I had breakfast at Coffee Bean with the boyfie the morning before my departure to KL.

Thank you sweetie for everything. I'm going to miss you so much. ='(

And yes, I travelled on the plane with Madeleine. =3

A final view of Penang.

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