Saturday, February 26, 2011

Keeping the blog alive by ranting.

It's been awhile since I've been blogging. Some stuff happened that is the cause of my not blogging. Well, the main thing is because those are "stuffs" that are private to me and the friends that are included and it's actually not a sight for sore eyes. =)

We are wild and young. Whatcha expect?

Actually I have tons and TONS of things to rant about. I just can't get it all out at once. Because I kinda have these writer's block thingy everytime when I actually DO have the time to sit and blog about it.

(Fine. I'm not at all free. I have assignments and presentations to rush about. But the mood's here so.)


Did I tell you I have the awesome-st parents in the world? I have very VERY understanding parents. And I have to say that my life is always hectic with them in it. (In a good way.) I recall one of my secondary school friend saying that my family is like some sitcom you watch on TV. The things that are happening throughout my life. *laughs*

Why I'm blogging about this is because I have a friend who is not as lucky. (This doesn't mean her parents are awful. Stating a fact here. I think all parents are awesome in their own way.)

If you are studying. You would be studying about the course of your interest and not of your parents. Please think about it. If you like accounting for instance, and you think it will provide nice and high pay in the future; PLEASE DON'T FORCE YOUR KIDS TO BECOME AN ACCOUNTANT. I know you're doing it for their future. We kids know too. But seriously, if our heart is not in it. Don't you think it's just a waste of money if we keep failing?

And another thing. To dear parents out there. When your children wants to talk. PLEASE LISTEN. Seriously, not everything coming out of our mouth is immature and not worth listening. And to those who lack communicating skills in the family, I suggest you start practicing now. I've seen many friends break down because their parents wouldn't listen to what they would like to voice out. It's not like you have to listen and agree to the things we are going to say you know. =) I even have a friend whose parents change topic (a.k.a talking about God and religion.) every time she picks up her courage and tries to converse with them.


Don't even get me started about this. After getting to know a bunch of new friends last year, my life has been FULL of drama. And when I say FULL I MEAN FULL. It's like a never ending cycle of soap operas on TV. (Yeah, the kinds you watch on Gossip Girl.) But instead, this is happening in my life. To keep it simple, I've lost some friends because of this. (kinda. Not entirely.) I would really like to apologize again and again and again. To be frank, I've never in my life encounter these situations before. So not only you guys, I was really scared shitless. And seriously, I think I'm at fault. *sigh*

-I know this post may seem hazy to some. But this might only seem understandable to those who knew what happened. =)-

But not everythings dark and black for me. I've gained some friends too. So on the bright side, I'm still okay. Small things like these don't shatter me. We Aries girls are strong.


I don't think I'm able to blog about this here. *laughs* If I really were to blog the whole thing I might need to publish a book. =) The conclusion here. Is that I'm happy with what I have now. I know some of you might disapprove what with all the gossips. But he will be a part of a chapter in my story. Because I choose him to accompany me in being the main characters in my book. And who knows where will it lead?


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