Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pizza Hut 6-Cheese Extreme!

Thankies to Melvypoo who's been such a dear to belanja us dinner. =)
I guess the gang in Kampar got a little bored during the start of the semester.

And this was just what we need.
A small gathering talking and eating together as a family.
Although of course a few members were missing.

Grabbed Philypoo and camwhored with him. Melvin was late. xD

But anyway,
We had the chance to try out the pizza with 6 different types of cheese.
Hell yeah!

Me and Fel got all hyped up because of this.

But the Pizza was actually not as nice as I thought it'd be.
With me being the cheese lover. =)
It tastes kinda salty because it was overly topped in Cheese.

The Cheesy Lava was the best!

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