Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Big Nine'O for the Grandma!

So I was very kinda reluctant to go for the celebration.
Mainly because I have absolutely no idea regarding most of the people who are attending.

And of course.
My plans are ruined.
Panda's plans are ruined.
And we sisters created HUGE havoc over it.

In the end, we had to go.

But anyhow,
we got to know some people there.
And also some uncles and aunties as usual.

"We're David's children."
Was what we said most of the time so that people could recognize us.
Plus, the dad wasn't there.

The food was nice.
All and all.
It was an okay celebration.

Happy 90th Birthday to you pohpoh.

Mum, Me, Panda, Kitty and Uncle Chris.

P.S: My favourite Larry 公公 since I was young. He is quite the joker. =) My grandfather's very close friend from the army.

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