Friday, August 20, 2010

Walking.Shopping.Eating.The Usual.

Finally after weeks of complaining to Felicia about not being able to balik KL and shop.
I did. =D

Together with Sue.
And along the way met Fifi, PPK and Rachel.

Seriously, these are some of the people who always makes me want to go back to Form 5 and relive again those funny moments in SBS. ^^

PPK was working though.
But of course we had our lunch break with her at Vivo.

PPK oiiiiiiiiii, you want your pictures or not der!!! LOL!

Anyways, met that sakai WooiLiang too.
Sorry lar bro cannot teman you sing K.
I really want punya. xD

After HOURS of dragging poor Sue around Times Square and Sg.Wang and StarHill.*
We left for Maluri for our dinner.
(The one that made me had diarrhoea for a few days straight.)

*The main reason we were there is because of ♥♥Rachel♥♥.

Arrived at the Food Court around 8 and met my dear YiWen.
She's going to help me put on my braces. I think???

And also:

SooWen as usual, with her taukeh soh style of talking and waving and pointing. (And irritating the hell out of Sunantha.)
TanKei as usual so skinny and always laughing at what we're saying.
MeiTeng as usual with her long long hair and laughing the loudest.


I so wanna go back to secondary school. =)
I haven't laughed that much since the last time we had a gathering like this.
There is NO WAY it'll be the same with friends now. ^^
You get the point right?

P.S: I hate You.

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