Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take Charge!

Yeap, that's the title for talk I attended this morning.
It's from 9am to 5pm mind you.

Thank god it wasn't that boring.
And I had friends with me.
So I had an okay time.

Kien and ChuiWern. ^^

Every Problem has a solution.
Every solution begins with me.

*points at self*

This was one of the things I learnt.
Also, I learnt to stop bangau-ing.
which means stop giving excuses.

I mean, for now lar.
I don't think I can REALLY stop bangau-ing in the future.

Ohya, some random girl in class said I was cute.
that was nice of her.
I think her name was MeiJie. =D
She looks small sized and adorable too!!
reminds me of a cute cartoon character!
*thinks hard*

Feeling uber tired for now.
Gotta go get some rest.


P.S: Here's a picture of us and Mr.Rizal.

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