Saturday, August 7, 2010

Exams, Volleyball and Futsal.

Finished the stupid Pengajian Malaysia exam this morning.
I was super duper uber tired.

Not to mention alot of stuff happening these few days.
I need a break people.

went over to the sports complex after the exam.

Met MengLeong and Chris there.
Chris was volleyball-ing.
And MengLeong was having a Futsal competition.
Against Lun's team.


FBF against whatever the other faculty was.
I decided to stay neutral. LoL.

But of course, 55% of me was with the FBF side.
*wink wink*

The results, the whetever the other faculty (Lun's) team won.
and the FBF (M.Leong's) team lost.

erm, better luck next time???

P.S: Loved the booze session tonight.

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