Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today is Emo Day.

Okay, it's an Emo day for me lar.
I have tons and TONS of stuff to emo about.

Called SookMian and asked her out.
And she messaged Pinky and YeeWen.

Sorry tak call sebab kau kerja!! xDDD

Went and kacau MeiTeng and her sister in Sg.Wang.
And again bullied PPK and her hair.

Had lunch at Vivo after.
And also Camwhore sessions.

Pinky. Who made me and Sunantha emo because she dowan to bring us to MOS.

The very Kesian SookMian who broke her bag strap and lost her LRT ticket and ate a not so nice Blueberry Mousse.

And Xixili who became DaDaLi.

AND OMFG ituqueeniepangpunyahairisawesome!!!

We were like talking to her while we were on LG and she's on G.
SO you can imagine lar like those kampung people.

Emo-ness can be cured.
Especially when surrounded by Awesome Friends.

Which includes everyone.

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