Monday, May 17, 2010

Outing with The P****S.

We Glamorous people. =)

My blog is PG13. Have to censor abit btw. =D

First and Foremost have to say Thankiu to Sunantha the driver who went around the whole Malaysia to fetch us back.

The reason we went Sunway is because we wanted to try out FullHouse.
So while waiting for PPK who is super freaking lambat we went and lepak-ed at Cupcake Chic.
Their cupcakes are AWESOME btw.
I gained 32875985409643632659864309326753847864297643870 grams after eating them.


Saw Queenie, The Clover Pair and CT who also ate at FullHouse. =)

So after we're stuffed full, we continued to roam about in Sunway.

I adore the sign.

As much as I adore bullying PPK. xD

We met Papa Bear in Sunway too. =)
Surrounded by all his furry friends.

Visited Bella the obese dog before heading home.

She has SOME BOOTY y'all!!!

Picture of the Day:
Sweetie that's you. *laughs*

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