Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mid Valley with the Psychopaths.

Picture of The Day:
Taken by YunXi's New Camera. xD

Had a gathering with those gila friends from Foundation.
Too bad meimei and the guys weren't there. =(

We created havoc in Paddington House of Pancakes before going off for a movie.
And I met a new friend.

Meet Ginger. =3

And the usual Gang of psychos. xD




Watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid after.
Nightmare on Elm Street was too late for us. *emo-es*

Before the movie, Yunxi and Ginger went hanging around at the fair at the Convention Hall.
And she bought a digital camera costing around 1k.
I fainted. LoL.

Met primary school friends/hardcore bloggers Bryan and Jason there too. =D
Do drop by their blogs btw.

Bunny and Jason.

Makan-ed at this small Korean place in The Gardens before heading home.

P.S: Sorry Karen for falling asleep when you were talking to me. LoL. And thank you so much for fetching us home. =3

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