Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God's Call.

After this day, I really can say that God works in many ways.
This from the not so holy person.

I fainted and felt ill for a reason that day.
I could not rush back to Kampar for a reason.

Mum told me not to write these on blogs.
I'm going to ignore it and post it anyways.

My uncle passed away.
My Deepest condolences to the family.

Luckily I was there by her side.
Obviously she needs a shoulder to cry on.
And I regretted that that was the only thing i could offer her.

If I wasn't so busy with stupid assignments and midterms.
I would've taken the whole week off.
Just to stay with you.

I didn't know how to pray.
All I could do was mumble the same verse again and again.

"Dear God,
please let him go peacefully. Help him. Lessen his pain."

I prayed when the nurse came in with the heart rate monitor.
I cried when I saw my grandmother cried.
I felt my heart tightened when I saw him in pain, gulping for air and trying to survive at the same time.

She stayed strong.
Very very strong.

She apologized when her tears wet my clothes.
Heck I didn't mind abit.
She even told me it was fated that I couldn't go back to Kampar.

I sent her a song a day before the incident happened.
"I'll Stand By You"

Whatever happens, I'll be there.
I can be your shoulder to cry on.

My dad was very sad too.
He said it was because the uncle was suffering alot.
Telling and explaining that the organs are actually shutting down one by one.

My brother cried the hardest actually.
the brat.
Couldn't blame him for it was his first time watching a relative pass on.
The uncle always played with him.

Wherever you are.
Do know that God is always with you.
Rest In Peace.

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