Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Year 2010.

This is the WORST New Year EVER!!
Ok, actually I'm emo-ing because it fell on a Valentine's Day.
And you know the rest.

Of course spent time house visiting and such.
And of course, went to Shirley's as usual. =)

Thank God i had a fun time cam-whoring there.
and not grumbling about the whole Valentine day thingy.

Owh, and another thing.

Happy Birthday to both Kittyfats and Pandafats.
Ini Panda, Birthday on Valentine's Day. =)

Ini Kitty, birthday-nya 2 days before Valentine's. ^^

Grow up dy sang seng abit k,
don't fight all the time and make me laugh at the side.

Picture of the Week:
I died laughing.

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