Friday, February 12, 2010

My Pre-NewYear Kampar Dinner.

Going back today.
Thanks to SekOnn who will be fetching me. =)

But before that,
me and the 1580 members had a CNY get together dinner at 家好月圆..
The name sounds fancy enough.

And I had a first "Lou Sang" experience with friends. ^^
Plus the freaking food was tossed over my head. LoL.

The Before and After Shot. xD

The Awesome Food.

Me and the Guys.The CC Kings.

Me and the girls.

And thanks to some of the girls who waited up for me.
I had an exhausting trip back. T^T

Pic of the Day:

I'm going to miss the bastard. =p


Bird? said...

who is bastard?

PrincesS's Realm said...


Bird? said...

Laugh huh? torture you sometimes later then baru kau tau...