Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paranormal Activity.

One Utama is a BAD location for dating or any other activity.
For those who aren't familiar with the complex.

I walked here and there in HEELS for God's sake.

And I practically fainted when I got home.

After WanKien's Party,
Me, Aleena and the guys went over to watch a movie.
Since it ended early. =)

We watched Paranormal Activity.
And the first few hours of the movie were BORING.
And I have headaches from the moving camera.

I paid RM9 to watch the end part, which gave me a nightmare.


I had to watch something that gave me extra nightmares.
Like I don't have enough.

The guys didn't want to watch Old Dogs so.
Cincai lar...

Had dinner at McD's and left.
Btw, Thank you Sam for fetching us back. =)

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