Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've been having second thoughts.
Am I making the right choice?
KL is making me crazy.

Ever since...
Bah. Forget it.

Having nightmares alot too lately.
and crying.

lots and lots of crying. =(

Sometimes I wish I could just disappear.
Nobody would care anyway.



Bird? said...

So what is your next best decision?

Denise said...

I dunno. I need a holiday.
a real holiday on the beach or wherever.

Or I could wait until my period is over.

Bird? said...

No ones but I will care if you disappeared.

EricG said...

u? disappear?

i be like -> :(

for a bloody long time.

littlesheep said...

try to relax abit, babe, and everything will b ok ;-)