Friday, January 1, 2010

Falcon Gathering

Finally we got to meet Dragonica Guild members.

Well, most of them anyways. =)

Those who were present:


Lava together, afk together, chat together, emo together.

These are the people that made me explore Dragonica everyday.
Even during exams. *oops?*

Lepak-ed at McD for awhile while waiting for Michele.
And then headed over to Sushi King for our lunch. =)

Ada meaning punya. LoL

Watched Vampire's Assistant when Yuki arrived.

I've said it once. ANd I'll say it again.
I still prefer books.

I remember borrowing the Darren Shan series from WinLoon.
He's totally like my supplier for knowledge.
I heart him. =)

Oooooh, and we took PICTURES!

Me and Michele. (Angel)

Elmo, Guai, Pinky and Stan

Pinky and Ezmon. (The one who likes to punch my teeth.)

I remember Stan will afk and stand at one place.
And me and Mon will run around him.

Well. Too bad Dragonica sucks now.

Went for a tong sui session at Jonker Sweets before heading back home.
Guai's Soya Bean and Pepper. Bleargh!

And thankiu Stan for the ride. =)

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