Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Of Exams and... Exams?

15 December 2009:

Consumer Behaviour.
OkOk lar.. Cross my fingers, arms and legs that I get more than C. =)

16 December 2009:

Leadership and Team Building.
If I really get a C for this subject, i'd be so happy I'd cry.

After the Leadership exam, I was so emo I just left without taking my belongings in the exam Hall.
And by belongings I MEAN Handphone, IC, Money and ATM Card altogether in one Pink Winnie the Pooh Pouch.

What, I was emo-ing okay.
So cut the nagging crap.

Thank goodness for the very nice invigilator who passed them back to me.
And gave me pats on the cheek and asked me to be careful.

Yes, i am a 19 year old who gets pats from invigilators.
And clumsy.

Oh, and another thing.
I look like a fugly Indonesian now.
*No Offense*

Anyway, enough of sad emo exam crap.
It's the holidays, WHEEEEE!!!!!

Staying awhile in Kampar before going back home on the 18th.

P.S: I think I want to go cut my fringe. =D

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