Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Of Avatar and Pavillion.

Finally the bf is back from Kampar.
And the 4 of us, including MY and CW decided to double date. =D

It just can't be any better.

Arrived at KLCC and the bf was nowhere in sight.
That pissed me off.

Hey, I nearly fell as I got off the stupid bus.
my heels got stuck.
thus the mood swings.
Picture taken with the CosmoWorld mascot. xD

Went to Pavillion for lunch after we gathered.

And boy, Food republic has loads of stuff to eat!
I had those Beef Noodles and B was eating Duck rice.

I was like, "B, we came all the way here to eat chicken rice?"
"No, it's duck."
"Uh.. Okay sweetie.."
Padini Concept Store.

Watched Avatar later after a brief shopping time.
And I should say that it was AWESOME!

Panda said it wasn't nice so I was reluctant when B said he wanted to watch it.

I'm glad I did.
But why aren't the Na'Vi tribe in Pink?? =)

Ooh, and the girls had CamWhore sessions in the loo.
It's what we're good at.

Had dinner at Dragon-i before going off to see the snow thingy in Pavillion.
Heck, I wouldnt've known if Shirley didn't call and asked me where I was.

My heart goes out to you.

Left with great emo-ness because I have to leave the bf. =(
And also he's going off to Kuantan with the boys during Christmas and I can't.

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