Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Rants.

It's funny.
Everytime I feel heartbroken.

TaeYang's song will find a way to me.

And everytime I listen to it.
Different emotions start going in and out.

It's just.

I don't know whats wrong, but I'm fucking tired.
sick of all these shit.

My finals are approaching too.

With my MidTerm results out.

Sometimes, I think UTAR just does it on purpose.
Passes us our results during the last minute.
Screw that sentence.
They didn't even let us see the paper.
Posted it on the intranet and students could only see those marks.

fucked up way if you ask me.

I admit I'm not myself now.
I'm telling you, girls who has so much welled up could explode.
I'm lucky to have a blog.
At least half of whatever I'm feeling now is being poured out here.

No, it doesn't heal completely.

It just makes you feel a wee bit better.

And then, just when you think things are going okay.
You start feeling crappy, and it starts all over.

Oh, and here's another thing thats ruining my life.
A motherfucking slow internet line.

Loading Google search takes forever.
Just imagine Facebook.

"Anonymous" has just commented on your status.
And I have to wait for at least a few fucking minutes.

Fuck this.
I need to go to bed.

Plus, I'm freaking shivering.
the hot and cold climate here is killing me.

P.S: I need to be reminded to buy those dish washing detergents.
P.P.S: One day, I'll just go to the lake in the middle of the night. And shout. Maybe that'll feel better.

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