Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Iz BACK Kuala Lumpur!

Okay, it should be I iz back Ampang but whatever.
My dad's back.
So as usual I would be sick with the Shopper's Flu.

But instead we spent half the day traveling in the car and going to those motorbike accessory selling shops.

I would rather stay at home and ONLINE man!

Please tell me wtf can I purchase here.

Noob face.

My dad's butt.

So people, gambar-gambar di atas menunjukkan betapa boringnya hidup aku during that moment.
I had to call B twice to ensure myself that I'm alive and normal.

We went Sg.Wang later and there was this Comic Festival going on.
Being a fan of Kaoru, Ben and Keith I should go over and lepak.
But I wasn't in the mood.
And the only thing I bought were SOCKS.

freaking Giordano SOCKS.
Okay, I had a new pair of glasses too.


Lepaked at Steven's Corner at night because my dad had a yc session with his friends.
And the only thing that made me happy was the Roti Cheese and Telur.

And I called B again to ensure I was alive and normal.

What a Day.

Finally ending the post with a photo with my beloved noob.

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