Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009 First Day

Thankiu once again to WinLoon for tumpangin' me and the brat sister to Sunway.
And also apologising for ALWAYS asking him to snap pictures for me.. =)

Will make it up to you in the future. LoL.
How, I do not know.

Went over to Jenny's in the morning.
And was welcomed by a whining Bear. =D

Went over to Sunway a few hours later.

And that's when the party started.

And I've found the wonders of photoscape!
I just group everything together, buahahaha!

After awhile, the convention centre was getting a little TOO crowded.
And we moved upstairs to erm.. Well.. camwhore a little more. xD

Yuki and Me.

And thanks to Brenda and her family for buying us dinner and fetching us back. =)
Such nice people.

P.S: I just ADORE the Roy Mustang and Sasuke for this year. =) Please, if you are one of them. Do not hesitate to leave me your email. *wink wink*.

P.P.S: This isn't the whole set.

P.P.P.S: I missed Eleena. =(

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