Monday, December 21, 2009

Bodyguards and Assasins

Watched Bodyguards and Assassins (Body and Ass for short. =D) with WooiLiang, Alvin, Chong and Yo.
And I should say, it wasn't so bad.

The guys were complaining though.
Said that it was crap compared to Avatar.

Oh, and almost all of them were dead in the end.
And that made me emo after the movie was over. =(

We had a Karaoke Session at Red Box LowYat before the movie.
And I found out that Chong, as innocent as he was.
Had a dark side. *evil evil punya orang*

Erm, spot the humans?

Too bad ChunYang wasn't there.
I'm starting to miss him. LoL.

Had our dinner at SekHou's after the movie.

And thanks to Alvin for fetching us back.
Okay, not all the way.
Let me rephrase.

And thanks to Alvin for fetching us to Pandan Jaya station.

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