Friday, December 4, 2009

Eastlake BBQ

Thanks to YY for inviting mua, and also the bf.. =)

It was held in Eastlake at Kyo and SekOnn's house.
And as usual I persuaded KahSeng and Tan to go.

Met some new and not so new friends too, such as 屋顶 and 武侠..
Well, I forgot their names so that's what I call them.

As usual, I ate ALOT!
But B was eating like crazy.
As in like 7-8 chicken wings not including Sausages and Chicken Balls and Nugget crazy.
And he NEVER gets fat.

I hate him.

Anyways, Nicholas came late.
Less photos taken though as there were a group of unknowns, so yeah.

YY, Guy who fetched us to Eastlake and Kyo.

Tan and KahSeng starting up a fire.

Went back after 12.
And thankiu 武侠 for fetching us back.. =)

P.S: I iz a Fat.

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Bird? said...

Lol..ate more than worthy and that is not called greedy..hehe