Saturday, December 5, 2009

1580 汤圆 Day

Before ks went back to Kuantan, I was babbling on about wanting him to make 汤圆 for me.
Since it was already December and it IS the time for eating.

Well, another reason was I did not had the chance to buy 汤圆 at college.
So there.

It started out with ks doing all the boiling and flour-ing and stuff.
B didn't join in because he was busy formatting Hong's laptop.
But he did took photos for us.
So hugs and kisses to you.. =)

So before I came, there was Pembantu Hong and the Chef.
Helping around to measure flour and sugar and stuff.
Then I came up and helped.

Here I have to thank mum for training me to 搓汤圆.
And all these years I was wondering why mum likes to make em' small.
And that day, I totally found out.

I was like WTFlmaorotfl!
SzeChin made them.
And It was totally HUMONGOUS!!
DiWei was like, "walaowe!! we eating 汤圆 or fishball??"

This is Phailure of trying to make pink 汤圆.

All the years I've made 汤圆 with the mom I always complained why she keep saying cannot do this and cannot do that, and I was like stop being a perfectionist man!
Sekarang baru I tahu.

KLCC shaped 汤圆?

But I was glad I helped that day.
First time in my life I got to make 汤圆 with all my friends.
That's what makes it taste better.
I'm not complaining about the fishball sized ones though.


P.S: 汤圆Day is called Winter Solstice in English.

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