Sunday, November 1, 2009

UTAR Mooncake Festival

I practically had to DRAG B to this event which was held last Friday.
Maybe it was because it was held at 8pm or maybe it was because it was going to rain or maybe he was just lazy.

I'd stick to him being lazy.

But we went eventually, right after his Moral class.
Which I ATTENDED for almost 2 hours plus.
Luckily the lecturer was not as boring, and he reminds me of Subash.
Ahhh, those good old Martin days. ^^

The class ended early so me and B lepak-ed around Block E snapping photos and camwhore-ing near the lake.
Did I tell you that the view was breath-taking!

So the event started around 8.30 or so, and I haz the program for the day:

  1. 华乐团演奏 - Chinese Orchestra Unit (COU) Instrumental Presentation
  2. 相声 - Cross Talk
  3. 合唱团献唱 - Choir
  4. 蒙古族传统舞蹈 - Mongolia Tradition Dance
  5. 华族传统舞蹈, 扇子舞 - Chinese Tradition Dance
  6. 武术表演 - Wushu
  7. 现代舞 - (表演团队 - Taz) - Modern Dance - (Dancers team : Taz)
  8. Jaiho - 印度风现代舞 (表演团队 - SDO) - Jaiho - Modern Indian Dance
  9. Zero to Hero - (表演团队 - H2O[Hyper to Outstanding]) Modern Dance- (Dancers team - H2O[Hyper to Outstanding])
  10. Korean Hip-Hop - (表演团队 - Cross. V)
  11. Band (Christian Fellowship)
I couldn't get photos though, I sat too far from the stage. T___T

And of course there were food stalls and some games we could play.
This is what the chinese calls "Cai Deng Mi", it's like a game of Guess.
And I sucked big time at this.
Mainly because my chinese is only UPSR level.

And of course, the camwhore-ing we've been doing.
Much to B's dismay.

Photo of the Day:
B, don't perasan. I just like the view behind you.
Plus, I took it. =p

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